About Blit Software

    Blit Software was founded in 2007 by engineers with extensive experience in the video game industry. Due to the rich user experiences we were used while working in games, we realised that apps needed to undergo dramatic visual improvements. So we put our passion for graphics programming at the service of companies who share that vision.

    The revolution sparked by the iPhone and its Apps showed people that there was a need for a better-designed user experience for all kinds of software. Our prior experience in developing for platforms with limited power (such as game consoles) gave us a competitive edge in creating apps used by vast numbers of people every day. That enabled us to expand the services we offered, which were later extended to the rest of mobile platforms that successively appeared.

    We have taken advantage of the new devices and operating systems that have come out to enrich our company culture and have a more global and in-depth view of the technology scene, allowing us to use the right tool for the right job.