Desktop Apps

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Desktop Apps

At Blit Software we develop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. We are specialists in developing desktop applications: we create productivity software and computer content creation tools. Our experience in graphics and 3D programming is our greatest asset.

Blit Software was founded in 2007 by engineers with extensive experience in the video game industry. Due to the rich user experiences we were used to, we realised that desktop apps needed to undergo dramatic visual improvements. So we put our passion for programming and graphics at the service of companies who share that vision.

We are used to iterative and agile software development (SCRUM), testing (QA) and project management tools (issue tracking, code repositories, etc). We are able to work as an autonomous development team or adapt to other team’s requirements so we can work together.

Types of applications and technologies we have developed projects for:

  • Real Time 3D

    3D graphics programming

  • Gambling

    Embedded & online machines

  • 3D Stereoscopy

    Reticular stereo interlacing

  • Video Streaming

    Video Streaming based apps

  • 3D Printing

    3D tools: floor planning, geometry contraint checking, 3D editor

  • Teleconferencing

    Teleconferencing apps


  • Remote Access / ScreenCasting (VNC integration)
  • Store Integration (Windows Store, Intel AppUp, Mac App Store, Chrome Store, Steam)
  • Image recognition (OpenCV)
  • Video streaming (Flash, SmoothStreaming, HLS, MP4, ffmpeg)
  • Teleconferencing (Skype SDK, Vidyo, Intel Media SDK)
  • Localization (Left-to-right and right-to-left languages)

To develop Desktop apps we use .NET, WPF, Siverlight, C++, QT, Canvas, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, OpenGL, Direct3D, WebGL, Unity, Air and, of course, integration with all kinds of XML, JSON, REST, SOAP and SOCKET based APIs.