Game Porting

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Game Porting

Our game porting section has spinned off into a fully autonomous company. For details, please visit BlitWorks.

Blit Software was founded in 2007 by engineers with extensive experience in the video game industry. We love porting apps because it is a great technical challenge: such projects reach many people and mean we get to handle the code of games we like, which bring back great memories.

We work on AAA games, global and international projects, and are fast and flexible in adapting to all kinds of customers. We are used to iterative and agile software development (SCRUM), testing (QA) and project management tools (issues, respositories, etc).

We are able to work as an autonomous development team or adapt to other team’s requirements so we can work together.

We are official developers for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Steam, Xbox 360, iOS & Android.