Project Details

  • Customer: Movistar
  • Blit Contribution: UX design & front end development
  • Platforms: Windows
  • Release: 2012

Teletouch is a device that allows natural collaboration between geographically separated people. Think of it as a two-way digital whiteboard.

Natural collaboration and getting things done

Teletouch represents a new category in telepresence with an easier interaction metaphor: the perception of conferees being on the other side of the screen. It allows a face-to-face situation between distant collaborators including eye contact and gaze awareness together with a shared digital workspace between them.

Users see clearly who is doing what in the shared workspace, pointing out at the same specific artifact using a natural pointing gesture, meeting their fingertips as if they where standing on opposite sides of transparent window.

Parties can share any digital content to complement the ongoing dialog : spreadsheets, presentations, web contents, etc …

The Teletouch Screen

A breakthrough optical filter technology allows the video conference camera to see-through the rear projected holographic screen. Teletouch embodies a glass screen, an ultra short throw projector, touch screen and camera systems, high-fi audio, HD-capable video and high-performance application sharing.